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11105 MS-Set

Manipulation protection set suitable for MINT SVM and MINT SV ELK-series

Product profile
The MS-Set, consisting of MS-Print and jumper, is designed for use with electrically couplable and motorised locks of the MINT series. The installation of the MS-Print has to be planned at the corresponding connection cable in the protected area. The jumper is only necessary for motorised locks on the motor module. According to EN 14846, the MS-Set meets the highest protection class (class 3) with regard to electrical manipulation.
Standard version
  • Length (MS-Print): 20mm
  • Width (MS-Print): 7.5mm
  • Height (MS-Print): 12mm
  • Pin (SVM-Series): 21 open
  • Pin (SVM-Series): 22 day
  • Pin (ELK-Series): 21 lever handle L
  • Pin (ELK-Series): 22 lever handle R


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