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eAccess Mobile – turn your smartphone into a key

eAccess Mobile opens doors, barriers and rooms without a key or a badge – even remotely, if required.

Glutz eAccess – a smart digital access system

Nine out of ten people in Switzerland own a smartphone that is rarely out of their reach. And that's perfect, because smartphones can now be used as keys, as part of eAccess control.

Remote opening included

We’ve all experienced situations where key handover has fallen through, appointments last longer than scheduled or plants desperately need to be watered. eAccess Mobile allows you to open your doors – even remotely. It’s really very simple. All you need is your smartphone.

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Assigning access permissions is quick and easy

Managers nominate eAccess Mobile users and assign their permissions.

With just a click of a mouse, they can organise permissions for tradespeople or cleaning staff and send the authorisations to their smartphones quickly and securely, wherever they are. This makes the time-consuming process of handing over keys a thing of the past.





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eAccess Mobile is backwards compatible and also works with eAccess fittings, readers and cylinders that are already in place.

eAccess Mobile – easy to set up and operate

Organise your eAccess Mobile by selecting favourites or using the search and special functions. Customise eAccess Mobile and assign names, colours or icons to your access permissions. Use the search function or geo-location to find the permissions available to you. Your user data is encrypted and secured according to the latest standards.

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Encrypted secure and controlled




Mobile, well thought-out and contactless



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Thanks to eAccess Mobile, users can experience the many advantages of Glutz’s smart digital access system with their smartphone-as-key

For managers of properties and modern housing developments, eAccess Mobile means satisfied tenants and far less administrative work. The app helps with key handovers or access rules for tradespeople and cleaning staff.


For entrepreneurs and managers of rental and commercial premises, eAccess Mobile helps with organising or easily and flexibly adjusting access permissions for employees, visitors and service providers. Need to grant permissions outside of office hours? That’s not a problem. Simply program them, and you're done.


For owners and managers of public buildings, eAccess Mobile enables simple, convenient and reliable setup of access permissions for substitute teachers, choir practice or tradespeople. The end result is less administrative work and happy users.

For sheltered housing, nursing homes and retirement homes, eAccess Mobile allows convenient assignment of access permissions to regular visitors without any need to issue keys. This translates into maximum security and flexibility.


For employees who regularly require access to lots of different buildings, rooms and areas, eAccess Mobile offers the possibility of organising and sorting all the access permissions on a smartphone and visualising them according to ‘nearby access authorisations’.





Personal consultation

Glutz employees and our system partners are on hand to offer you advice.


Available in your App Store from October


eAccess Mobile app for Android

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eAccess Mobile app for iPhone

Your access to expert advice

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Our Glutz partners are here to give you the help and advice you need.

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We’re here to give you the help and advice you need.