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Glutz Company


We give people access to greater security and freedom

We are dedicated to the goal of making people’s lives easier and safer. Together with our partners and customers, we develop and implement first-rate security and convenience solutions for accessing buildings and properties. This is how we create more freedom and an easier life.

Glutz Historisch

A tradition of innovation

As a family business since 1863, Glutz has been helping to shape the development of Solothurn’s economy and culture. Right at the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the company’s founder, Victor Glutz-Blotzheim, took advantage of the invention of the steam engine to manufacture locks and fittings of the highest quality in a newly built factory in Solothurn. These were met with great international acclaim. His successors are also driven by this pioneering spirit and social entrepreneurship. They likewise recognise the value of offering a range of products from a single source, manufactured by talented, dedicated employees. Back in the 19th century, Glutz created a kind of one-stop shop for door systems and founded a welfare foundation for workers.

Access to the future

A tradition of innovation to make people’s lives easier and safer – that’s what we are committed to. But for Glutz, innovation means much more than simply developing new products and production methods. People – with their ideas and their passion – are what drive our company and our customers forward. That’s why at Glutz, innovative action goes hand in hand with social progress. Glutz draws on the innovative capacity of employees and talented individuals, who are actively encouraged in their development, as well as that of strong partners, to create security and convenience solutions that set new standards in the industry. In doing so, Glutz offers partners and co-creators access to the future, so that together we continue to grow and to give people greater security and freedom.

Zugang zu Zukunft

Our values, our approach

Our goal is to earn the highest possible satisfaction and appreciation from our customers, partners and employees in order to ensure shared success and generate long-term value for the company. To achieve this, we foster an open, team-oriented culture of ideas and solutions based on common values, mutual respect and trust, where every contribution counts. Following the principle that creating value results in being valued.

The standards we strive to meet with our services and solutions are based on our values



Clear in our approach and our actions. Innovation that makes sense and creates value, in all that we do. With intelligent and effective interaction between our systems, products, services and solutions, to generate added value for our customers.



With our finger on the pulse of customers, employees and markets. Working together with customers and partners to find the best solutions. Simplifying complexity. Elegance in solutions, form and function. Simple access and application.



The high standard we set ourselves. Connective and reliable. Swiss quality, cooperation and value creation at their best. Durability and sustainability in our services and range. Best-in-class access.

Our brand

Secure, innovative, robust – this is what the name and brand of the Glutz family business has represented for nearly 160 years.

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Our Code of Conduct

Rechtmässiges, ethisches Verhalten und fairer Wettbewerb sind integrale Bestandteile aller unserer Handlungen und bilden das Fundament unserer Geschäftstätigkeit.

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