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Our foundry and mechanical workshop produce customised and historic products in small batches or as single items. You can rely on our experience in craftsmanship and technology – we’ll show you just how varied the design options can be in the Glutz manufactory.

Angebot Giesserei


First of all, our in-house foundry creates the required casting mould based on a customised or historic template. The object is then cast in brass or bronze. Depending on the requirements, we use either sand-casting or investment-casting methods.

Angebot Drücker

Customised or replica

Glutz Manufactory products are custom-made to your specifications and to suit their respective use. Our extensive collection of over 12,000 cast pieces, built up over two centuries, is also available as inspiration or for you to use as templates.

Angebot Repliken

Workshop and craftsmanship

Once the products have been cast, our surface treatment takes care of the finishing touches. There are various finishes you can choose from, from antique-looking brass to an elegant shine.



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