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Schloss Schadau

Schadau Castle

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Premium handcrafted interior fittings

Schloss Schadau is a prominent example of romantic historicism and a cultural asset of national significance. The Schloss has been owned by the city of Thun since 1925, and between 2017 and 2019 it was converted into a restaurant and hotel. During the renovation work, an examination of the architectural history of the building confirmed that almost all of the fixed interior fittings were from the time it was built.

These days, Schloss Schadau welcomes guests to the hotel and restaurant.

Expert use of bespoke fittings

Custom-made fittings from the Glutz manufactory complement the wooden features of the Schloss. The hotel rooms were equipped with lever handles made out of brass and timber, while back office doors have full brass fittings.

The fittings from the manufactory are ideal for restoring historic buildings. The Glutz manufactory is where we create long-lasting functionality and elegant design to form the perfect solution.

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Project details

  • Schloss Schadau, Thun
  • Architect: Suter + Partner
  • Project completion: June 2019
  • Customer: City of Thun
  • Construction cost: 10 million
  • Over 125 fittings installed

«Schloss Schadau is testament to the impressive craftsmanship of the 19th century. During the renovation, it was wonderful to be able to use the rich collection of casting moulds dating from the period in which the Schloss was built. Even better, that meticulous craftsmanship lives on in the Glutz manufactory. The recast lever handles are in no way inferior to the originals.»

Anna Suter, Suter + Partner Architekten

Schloss Schadau relies on products made in the Glutz manufactory

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