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18992 MINT SVM eco NF

Multipoint lock, self-locking, motorized opening, night time mode

Product profile
For use in house and apartment entrance doors. Operation from outside (knob/pull handle) via identification systems (e.g. badge). When night function is switched off, exit is via the inside lever handle. With the night function on, exit is only possible via latch withdrawal or electronic control. This means, for example, that children cannot leave the house without using the identification media. At the same time, tampering with the inside lever handle from outside is prevented (increased break-in protection).
Standard version
  • 4-part clamp follower, square 9 mm
  • Three hardened deadbolts; 20 mm throw
  • Slider protection: mechanical at top; cover at bottom
  • Dampened, reversible DIN L+R comfort latch with latch blocking
  • Smooth-running latch withdrawal for retracting the latch
  • ​Self-locking (motorised opening with night function) with sequence control and tampering protection (Mode 2 + 4)
  • ​Night function via the cylinder: blockable inside lever handle, lockable follower tested to 80 Nm in accordance with EN 12209.
  • ​4 operating modes and acoustic signals can be set via the DIP switch (Mode 1 = factory setting)
  • ​Recommended connection cable: 6-pin; 10/20 m; 0.5 mm2
  • Inputs: opening and/or daytime release function earthed (GND)
  • Output: potential free; max. 125 V AC/300 mA or 30 V DC/1 A
  • ​Feedback contact: Mode 1 ‘locked’; Mode 2+3 ‘door closed + locked’; Mode 4 for door drive ‘open’ as long as latch + bolt are retracted by the motor
  • Power: 24 V DC/1.5 A (36 W); 12 V DC/3.9 A (47 W) possible
Important note
The cylinder screw is not centred in the forend. To determine the cylinder lengths: centre of forend = centre of lock cylinder.
Do not use asymmetric cylinders with "L-cam".
Do not use a reduction sleeve for the Follower/square spindle.
No external, mechanical bolt-switch contact is recommended.
​EN14846: set 11105 MS required!
​In outdoor areas, a button/panic bar must be used.
​Scope of supply: without cable or accessories​


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