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Programming/Identification devices

Via smartphone, card, badge or with an electronic key. Glutz identification devices provide personalised access to buildings. They open doors conveniently and contactlessly and meet modern hygiene standards. Programming is easy and secure thanks to the eAccess software. The software detects all components using plug-and-play, meaning that with just a few clicks, all eAccess components within wireless range can be identified and configured. 

For small installations with few user variations, the eAccess card programming set is the best option, as it can be set up quickly and easily without the need for a PC. For medium and large installations, the eAccess system can be managed on a PC using a NET wireless dongle. This offers the additional option of building a network using NET Repeaters, for easy and convenient management from anywhere within the building. For large installations, in the case of multiple variations and wherever several locations/people need to be managed, we recommend networking with NET Repeaters and NET Gateways. In this case, the eAccess database can be run and managed centrally within the company as a server solution or as a global solution in the Glutz cloud.

Once the eAccess solution has been set up, entry can be easily personalised using the programming and identification devices, thus enabling secure and controlled access to living and working areas.

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