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Hotel & Catering

Hotel & Catering

Access to experiences, indulgence and well-being

Hotel and catering businesses – whether bed-and-breakfasts or must-visit luxury resorts – are popular with and appreciated by their guests because they offer them a special experience and time away from everyday life. These businesses commonly spoil their guests with a comprehensive package of services that ensures their well-being, and this includes myriad smart solutions for secure access to buildings and rooms. This is where the innovative and elegant access solutions from Glutz come in. They offer guests and hosts alike the maximum degree of security and convenience at every access point in the building, thus contributing to the positive experience enjoyed by all.



Guests and visitors

Feeling welcome and comfortable from the moment you arrive is paramount for guests. That starts with a friendly reception area and simple, uncomplicated access to the hotel and guest rooms, which can be ensured by the intelligent Glutz eAccess system. Equipped with a personalised badge, guests can enjoy barrier-free movement between spaces, with easy access to spas, pool areas and gyms – all in an appealing environment that’s complemented by elegant and high-end Glutz handles and fittings.


Guest rooms

Guests can expect security and convenience from the moment they use their Glutz eAccess badge to unlock their room door. Designed to blend in beautifully with the décor, Glutz fittings and locks secure valuables in hotel safes and ensure escape routes in an emergency.


Lobbies and communal areas

Guests should be able to enjoy their stay to the full without any restrictions and move between all spaces in the building without keys or barriers. Glutz access solutions facilitate this in an elegant way, and add high-quality architectural touches on all floors of the hotel.


Wellness areas

Guests also get the green light to access relaxation and pampering areas during the opening hours programmed into the Glutz access system. The use of stainless steel ensures the elegance and quality of Glutz fittings.



So that guests can settle down to enjoy culinary delights in peace, Glutz also makes sure emergency situations are catered for, by securing escape routes and emergency exits through the use of fire doors with panic function.


Sanitary facilities

Glutz fittings with anti-bacterial coatings offer convenience and hygiene in sanitary facilities.


Luggage and ski storage

Using badges, guests and employees can gain access to rooms and lockers where personal items such as luggage, skis and sports equipment can be stored safely.



Building owners, hotel management, architects, planners, developers

Glutz draws on its extensive experience and expertise in the hotel and catering sector to work with its partners to support customers in developing and implementing hotel and catering concepts with innovative, durable and best-in-class access solutions. These solutions are meticulously planned, aligned and implemented according to individual requirements – and are flexible enough to be adapted to changing conditions. The intelligent, elegant and durable solutions contribute significantly to secure and efficient operations, and to the well-being of guests and hosts. It’s worthwhile to seek advice from Glutz or a local partner early on in the planning stages of a project.


Planning and processes

From reception to automated booking systems, guest rooms, restaurants and kitchens, and other rooms and areas: we’ll help you plan the optimal implementation of Glutz access systems and products, and ensure efficient installation by our partners. Involving Glutz or a Glutz partner at the earliest possible stage is crucial for the optimum planning of management processes and operations.


Access solutions and interfaces

Glutz access solutions can be set up flexibly and quickly, and integrated into the interfaces of an intelligent hotel electronic operations and booking system. This integration and any adjustments to modified processes are easy to manage, reduce effort and costs, and increase efficiency, allowing hosts to focus on their guests without any other worries.


Electronic access management

With the intelligent Glutz eAccess system, you can manage and control guest and staff access to all buildings and rooms, and ensure seamless operations – securely, elegantly and efficiently. In other words: minimal administrative effort, maximum product benefit. Access rights can easily be assigned, controlled and changed, as can opening times, giving you time to focus on what’s most important: the well-being and satisfaction of your guests.


Security for staff and guests

With the Glutz eAccess solution and associated Glutz products, you can ensure the security and convenience of your guests and employees, as well as efficient operational processes. Access to all buildings is also easy to customise, control and flexibly adjust on an ongoing basis, as required. In sanitary facilities, fittings with anti-bacterial coatings ensure hygiene and infection control. In the event of an emergency, Glutz secures escape routes for guests and employees through the use of doors with fire protection and panic functions. 


Architecture and design

In a hotel or restaurant, a clear design tone and aesthetics are essential. Glutz consistently guarantees both at every access point, through the use of high-quality, durable stainless steel. Complete complementarity between all components is the Glutz trademark. The Glutz families of fittings work with all types of architecture, thus giving our customers a high level of design freedom. Glutz also makes custom designs, so that branding can be expressed even more strongly through such architectural details as shapes, colours and surfaces.



Building owners, management teams, administrative boards, consortia

Our goal is to make hotel and catering business operations easier and more secure. We offer our customers best-in-class security and convenience solutions, which can easily be adapted at any time to changing requirements relating to the design of the environment and operational procedures. Because of the quality and durability of our products, your investment in security solutions from Glutz is more worthwhile, more future-proof and more beneficial.


Investing in the future

Building or renovating hotels and resorts usually involves huge investment. The longevity of systems is therefore incredibly important, which is what makes the innovative, elegant and durable access solutions from Glutz especially appealing.


Investing in economy

The value and durability of Glutz access solutions help optimise the efficiency and security of operational processes, reduce effort and costs, and balance everything with the need for guests to feel comfortable.


Investing in value creation

Glutz has a strong tradition of innovation and value creation. Customised, high-quality solutions ensure the security of guests and guarantee your investment. Glutz locks stand out for their excellent durability. Fittings can be re-ordered, even years later. Maintenance and upgrades are also guaranteed, thanks to our partners in your area.


Investing in design

Clear design tone and aesthetics – elegance in solutions, workmanship and functionality. The use of stainless steel results in excellent material quality and durability. All components work perfectly together.


Investing in convenience 

Glutz access solutions are an important factor in smart hotel management. They are flexible and can easily be integrated into building management systems and adapted to new requirements. Wireless networking minimises effort and costs, and ensures swift and straightforward installation. With the Glutz eAccess solution, each access point can be managed at the click of a mouse via a central key and access management system.

Your investment in an access solution from Glutz is therefore worthwhile and durable.


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