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Our brand

Secure, innovative, robust – this is what the name and brand of the Glutz family business has represented for 160 years. In our fast-moving world, where brands that once stood proud cease to exist, this is a particularly valuable quality, and one that we greatly appreciate and cultivate. With the aim of not only preserving the value of the Glutz brand and business, but constantly enhancing it.

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Unser Anspruch

Our aim

We aim to offer our customers intelligent, elegant and sustainable security and convenience solutions that set new standards in our industry. We achieve this thanks to sophisticated systems, products and services that are perfectly coordinated to work together in harmony, and which are truly best-in-class.

Our brand promise

Glutz is a family company that has been passionately committed to providing people with secure access to buildings, properties and solutions through innovation since 1863. We act as a strong partner to our customers, developing and implementing solutions of the highest quality that are intelligent, elegant and durable. Our components are more long-lasting, the interplay of form and function more coherent, the system more sophisticated, the installation and operation more simple, and our service more comprehensive. As a result, we are able to give our customers access to greater freedom and an easier life.

Our brand performance

Wir verschaffen Zugang

We facilitate access

For us, facilitating access means much more than secure entry to buildings and properties. Our services and solutions facilitate access for customers and partners to greater security and freedom. Because they can use our intelligent, elegant, high-quality access solutions and products more easily and more effectively. And this opens up more possibilities and freedom for developing their ideas and their work, ultimately contributing to easier lives. All this and more is what we mean by facilitating access.

We combine craftsmanship with high-tech

The high-value range from Glutz encompasses innovative electronic access systems, a fittings portfolio with various design series for every type of building, through to handles and fittings cast to size at the Glutz factory. This means that there is virtually no limit placed on the ambitions and creative freedom of architects, building owners, planners and developers in terms of access solutions.

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Creating Value

We believe in value creation

With Glutz, customers and partners can expect and count on Swiss quality and value creation in everything we do. In the process, Glutz also helps to generate and safeguard local jobs and to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a place characterised by high-value manufacturing.

We make no compromises on form or function

When it comes to the perfect combination of design and function, Glutz is uncompromising. After all, an elegantly designed solution demands a solution that is just as elegant and durable in its application and use. Glutz fittings and handles are made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures they are resistant to even severe weather conditions and usage.

Kompromisslos in Form und Funktion


We cultivate harmony

Clear design and aesthetics, elegant in solutions, workmanship and use. Strong value and durability of materials thanks to stainless steel. Perfect harmony of all systems and components. Just as in our cooperation with customers and partners. These are the hallmarks of Glutz. This is how we create solutions that offer the greatest possible value and benefit to all those involved.

Our identity

Our new brand identity is an expression of our values and services. With it, we are also inviting all our stakeholders to engage with us in discussion and dialogue, conscious that together we can grow and achieve much more when it comes to solutions for unlocking access to greater security and freedom. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Strong in expression and appearance

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