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The perfect interplay of all systems, products and services

The Zollhaus development from the Kalkbreite Cooperative has created a unique location that facilitates interaction to aid exchange and collaboration, and brings together all areas of life. With a broad mix of cultural, dining, retail and office space, in addition to a variety of residential and work options, the project offers major benefits to the city of Zurich and its residents. But how does such a complex building manage to guarantee the required level of security and freedom, while still combining smart functionality with elegant urban design? This is where its innovative electronic access solutions with high-quality stainless steel fittings come in. With smart eAccess solutions, access can be configured effortlessly on the basis of time and individuals, and controlled using an appropriate access medium. The elegant Glutz stainless steel door fittings don’t just facilitate barrier-free movement through all spaces: they also protect against break-ins and theft, and guarantee safe, immediate evacuation from the building in an emergency. That’s how Glutz products manage to combine the need for security and convenience with the requirements of this new vision of cooperative living.

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Project details

Completion: spring 2021

Client: Kalkbreite Cooperative

Architect: Enzmann Fischer Partner AG

Other details: 559 fitted doors



The Zollhaus relies on the following products:

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