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Bells from the Glutz Manufactory

Cow bells are much more than just adornments for your cattle. They were, and remain to this day, a status symbol, and they’re even believed to drive evil spirits away from the Alp. Cow bells also have a practical use: individual animals can be identified by the sound of their bell, making it easier to locate stray cattle, and they also serve as protection against predators on the Alp. Clearly, a skilled hand, accurate timing and an immaculate sense of hearing are therefore essential for the production process. Bells manufactured in the Glutz Manufactory produce the purest of tones. Model moulds, alloying and the casting process are decisive for these sound qualities. At Glutz, these factors are a closely-guarded and well-preserved secret which undergo continuous improvement.

Glocken Bild 1

Signature and tone

Bells cast in the Glutz Manufactory include those of Hannes Moor from the Karl Schopfer archive and models of Fred Wehren from the archive of René Rime. A special technique using knowledge passed down through time is applied for production of the bells. 


All bells from the Glutz Manufactory are signed with the Renato Caccivio artisan trademark (RC) – a guarantee of quality, authenticity and an unmistakeable tone.

Custom-made bells from Glutz

Our own range of bells from the Glutz Manufactory – the Kohler bells – feature their own individual themes. Bells of an original design can be inscribed and embellished with individual themes.

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Glocke Bild 5
Individuelle Glocke
Individuelle Glocken Einzeln
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Individuelle Glocke
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