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Education, Culture & Leisure

Education, Culture & Leisure

Security for your valuable work

Whether it’s nurseries, educational facilities, sports stadiums, event locations or recreational facilities – they’re all used by many people and aim to provide an attractive and user-friendly environment for everyone. With comprehensive security – that’s key.  And it requires intelligent security and access solutions that can efficiently and elegantly manage and monitor the flow of people – solutions that are tailored precisely to the processes of the facility and are easily adaptable, if necessary. Made of high-quality and robust materials that can easily withstand even large crowds and intensive usage. Access solutions that offer people protection even in emergencies such as fires and panic situations. All this is precisely what’s provided by the comprehensive access solutions from Glutz, drawing on its wealth of experience to design and implement concepts for customers in the fields of education, culture and leisure.

Education & Public Institutions
Education & Public Institutions
Education & Public Institutions

Education & Public Institutions

Learners, visitors, spectators

Children, pupils and students – they all acquire knowledge together and learn technical and social skills that prepare them for their rest of their lives by interacting with others. To ensure that they can do so in a safe and enriching environment, efficient access solutions that can easily handle the volume of visitors are essential. They ensure that only authorised persons are able to access certain rooms. The innovative Glutz electronic eAccess systems in combination with the elegant and robust Glutz locks and fittings for windows and doors do exactly that with the highest level of quality. They offer learners and instructors the security and sense of well-being they need to be successful.



Learners of all ages have to perform well to achieve the personal development they seek. And that requires an environment that offers security, tranquillity and convenience. Whether it’s a classroom, lecture hall, work room or library – the intelligent, elegant and robust security and convenience solutions from Glutz will help you achieve that. They enable you to control and monitor access to all buildings and rooms, as well as ensuring safe evacuation of the building in an emergency.


Work spaces

Schools and universities invest large sums in working and common spaces with infrastructure that facilitates thinking, working and developing things together in an inspiring environment. Glutz security solutions help protect people, developments and valuable equipment against break-ins and theft, allow access only to authorised persons and secure emergency escape routes in case of fire or panic.


Public areas

Educational institutions can use the smart eAccess system to control access to public areas like the cafeteria and library as well. It can also combine perfectly with the elegant and long-lasting fittings from Glutz, which contribute to an atmosphere of quality and facilitate barrier-free movement through all spaces. 


Sports facilities

Rooms, doors and cupboards – they’re all centrally controlled and secured. The same goes for restricted access to halls and storage rooms as well as safe evacuation of the building in an emergency.


Sanitary facilities

Publicly used areas such as sanitary facilities and toilets are particularly exposed due to their frequency of use and even intentional damage. In this setting, especially robust door handles and locks designed to withstand heavy strain are used. Antibacterial coatings offer additional hygienic protection.


Secure areas

For spaces with high security requirements, such as labs and rooms for testing, development and IT, special security concepts come into play. Here, securing access authorisation via the Glutz eAccess system with proven security fittings is particularly important.


Office spaces

A simple, efficient and secure access solution with centralised control is used in all rooms for teaching staff and other personnel such as cleaning teams.



With Glutz eAccess, technical services have an intelligent access system that elegantly and durably supports them in their work while ensuring the security and convenience of the entire building. If required, Glutz and its partners offer rapid on-site service and support.



Building owners, architects, planners, developers

Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in developing best-in-class access solutions for facilities in the fields of education, culture and leisure – perfectly tailored to your needs, adaptable to new requirements, intelligent, elegant and durable. 



We advise and support you with planning and the targeted application of our security systems and products for schools, universities, museums, libraries, leisure and sports facilities and much more. So you can rely, and build on, the perfect harmony of all components in your comprehensive solution from Glutz. Together with our partner on site, we plan and implement the installation of our security solution in your organisation.


Access systems

With the intelligent Glutz eAccess system, you can control and monitor access and high-volume flows of people throughout the entire building and operation – securely, elegantly and efficiently. All that with minimum hassle for administration and maximum benefits for all users. In an emergency, employees and visitors can exit the spaces quickly and safely thanks to the escape and panic functions.



The access solutions from Glutz are flexible and quick to install and can be adapted to new requirements – whether it’s a question of issuing access authorisations or agile adaptation to a modified framework of interfaces, structures and procedures within the organisation. Glutz access systems increase the security and efficiency of the operation while reducing effort and costs. 



The intelligent and elegant Glutz access solutions for buildings and rooms are also notable for their exceptional robustness and durability. This makes them particularly valuable for use in highly frequented buildings, rooms and facilities.



Building owners, management and executive boards, authorities

Our aim is to make the operation of facilities in the fields of education, culture and leisure safer and easier to manage with best-in-class security and convenience solutions that can be easily adapted to changing requirements in terms of the design of the environment or operating procedures. The quality and durability of Glutz products make your investment in security solutions even more future-proof and beneficial.


Investing in the future

The construction or modification of facilities in the fields of education, culture and leisure is generally associated with significant investments. The future viability of the facilities is therefore of the greatest importance. This makes the innovative, elegant and durable solutions from Glutz all the more appealing.  


Investing in design

Clear design vocabulary and aesthetics for every access solution, from traditional to modern. Elegant solution, manufacturing and application. Strong value and durability of the materials thanks to the use of stainless steel. Perfect harmony between all components.


Investing in convenience 

Glutz access solutions are an important component of intelligent building management. They are flexible and easy to integrate into building management systems and to adapt to new requirements. Their wireless networking keeps effort and costs to a minimum, meaning installation is swift and smooth. The Glutz eAccess solution allows each individual access point to be managed at the click of a mouse via a central key and access management system.


So your investment in a Glutz access solution is a worthwhile and durable choice for your business.


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