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Die Umwelt im Fokus

Focus on the environment

Gateway to sustainable business

Our environmental management system has been ISO 14001-certified for many years now. We are constantly working to improve our activities in this area.

Langlebige Produkte

Long-lasting products

  • At our production site, we develop long-lasting products and solutions. This is highly important to us. We also consider environmental factors in the development of our products, in line with our EPD certification.
  • Through extensive endurance testing, we identify vulnerabilities and ensure the constant improvement of our products. And these efforts far exceed the requirements set by industry standards.
  • It’s a commitment that pays off – long-lasting products don’t need to be replaced or repaired as often. This represents a valuable contribution to sustainability.

Buildings and energy

  • This summer we installed and commissioned a third photovoltaic plant at our Segetzstrasse site. We estimate that this will allow us to meet around 30 percent of our energy requirements in-house.
  • Under the phased modernisation of the production layout at our Solothurn site, we are replacing all fluorescent tubes with intelligent LED systems on an ongoing basis.
  • As a large-scale consumer of electricity, we are actively engaging with the issue of energy efficiency (optimisation programme with partner ENAW).

Elektrische Energie Glutz

Umwelt Roboter

Investment in efficient equipment

  • In recent years, Glutz has invested heavily in new equipment that allows us to improve our energy efficiency. This includes replacing all compressors for generating compressed air with modern, efficient, latest-generation models.
  • The new systems that Glutz uses ensure the energy efficiency of our operations. Regular updates to machinery are essential.

    Recent energy-efficient plant purchases include:
  • Three grinding cells with two multi-axis robots
  • Energy-efficient laser welding equipment

Packaging, recycling and waste


  • We are continuously improving our packaging – for instance, by reducing plastic components. We also use recyclable packaging for locks.
  • Consistent recycling of reusable materials is ingrained in our day-to-day activities. We separate materials such as PET, paper and cardboard, and melt down all metal waste.
  • We have also managed to reduce the volume of hazardous waste with the support of external waste disposal specialists and the search for potential alternatives to dangerous materials.
  • One of the goals of our defined digitalisation strategy is to continuously reduce our use of printing paper. We are increasingly shifting away from printed instructions in favour of using QR codes that direct users to electronic documents.

Verpackungen bei Glutz

Wasser und Abwasser Glutz

Water and wastewater

  • Just about everywhere that we need water for our production processes – for cooling equipment, for example – we use sealed systems. This guarantees that there is no wastewater.
  • In the isolated cases where contaminated wastewater arises, we collect it in IBCs and dispose of it correctly as hazardous waste.
  • There are several oil separators installed on site. This prevents oily water from entering the wastewater system unfiltered.

Certified management systems for long-term success

For many years now we have been ISO 14001-certified, which serves as confirmation that we have actively engaged with environmental factors and introduced ongoing improvements in this area.

You can find our certificates here:

ISO 14001

ISO 9001 Zertifizierung



Environmental consciousness among our employees

Our employees have a deep understanding of environmental issues. In line with our values, we are committed to thoughtful handling of natural resources, as set down in the Glutz Code of Conduct:

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