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Multipoint lock, self-locking, electric coupling on both sides BK

Product profile
​For applications with controlled lever handle operation with varying access requirements in residential and commercial buildings. The lever handles L or R can be separately electrically coupled or decoupled, permanently if required. Entry and exit is controlled via an identification system (e.g. badge) or the cylinder. By holding the cylinder, both lever handles can be temporarily coupled or decoupled simultaneously (emergency opening).
Standard version
  • ​Split 3-part lock follower; square 9 mm
  • Lever handles L or R with feedback contacts separately electrically couplable on both sides, latch blocking and sequence control.
  • Emergency opening via the cylinder (forced locking function)
  • Monitoring contacts: lever handle L/R, deadbolt and door status, cylinder integrated
  • Method of operation: standby/operating current for lever handle L/R can be switched (DIP switch)
  • Opening impulse permanently protected against tampering
  • Connection cable (not in scope of supply): 12-pin; 10/20m; 0.14mm2
  • Operating voltage: 12/24 V DC ±15%; 200/100 mA
  • Inputs: 12/24 V DC at GND
  • Outputs: loading capacity 30 V DC/100 mA
  • Three hardened deadbolts; 20 mm throw
  • Slider protection: mechanical top/bottom
  • Dampened, reversible DIN L/R comfort latch
  • Suitable for rotary knob cylinders​
Important note
​The cylinder screw is not centred in the forend. To determine the cylinder lengths: centre of forend = centre of lock cylinder.
Do not use a reduction sleeve for the Follower/square spindle.
No external, mechanical bolt-switch contact is recommended.
Only use the 5920 HESO panic-spindle.
Mount Lever handles rotatably-fixed on plates/rosettes (easyfix®).
The 11105 MS-Set must be used to operate the lock.


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