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82580 E-Depomat

Product profile
The E-secure box enables the controlled issue and return of mechanical keys. Users are identified via a code or RFID and the selected key is entered in the eAccess logbook.
Standard version
• 12 VDC power supply (connection in the base of the housing, power supply included)
• Aluminium housing
• 82400 IP55 E-reader (black)
• I/O extender (for > 2 cylinder locks)
• Including cylinder locks with LED signals
• Prepared cut out for the locking device on the E-secure box housing (cylinder type 81817)
• Fully assembled (mechanical cylinders need to be provided)
• 82580.02 = 1 x 2 storage spaces
• 82580.04 = 1 x 4 storage spaces
• 82580.08 = 1 x 8 storage spaces
• 82580.12 = 2 x 6 storage spaces
• 82580.16 = 2 x 8 storage spaces


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