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18951 MINT SB

Multipoint lock, key operated, single throw

Product profile
​For use in house and apartment entrance doors and in commercial buildings. Simple, smooth operation via the cylinder. The reversible DIN L + R comfort latch guarantees that the latch extends quietly and enters the striking plate gently. The solid design, hardened main bolt and four additional hardened bolts allow for construction of door systems up to RC4 resistance class. The lock is approved for fire resistance and smoke control tests in accordance with EN 1634.
Standard version
  • ​​​Mechanical multipoint locking device
  • ​Latch blocking and lever handle release
  • ​4-part clamp follower, square 8/8.5/9 mm
  • ​Smooth-running latch withdrawal for drawing back the latch
  • ​Hardened main bolt; 20 mm throw
  • ​Four additional hardened bolts; 20 mm throw
  • ​Dampened, reversible DIN L + R comfort latch with latch blocking
  • ​Simultaneous latch blocking and lever handle release when locked​
Important note
The cylinder screw is not centred in the forend. To determine the cylinder lengths: centre of forend = centre of lock cylinder.
Do not use a reduction sleeve for the Follower / square spindle.


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