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82551.365 E-Keycase

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Product profile
Key cases with eAccess RFID code reader, battery-operated. The standard solution enables temporally limited, individually programmable access.
Opening and closing from outside take place with contact reading of the medium, such as a key tag or with entry of a PIN.
A mechanical key is available for emergency opening
Standard version
Identification via RFID Mifare DESfire EV 1 (ISO 14443A) or PIN
Programming via media or wireless access (868 MHz)
Dimensions: 365 x 300 x 100 (W x H x D)
Housing design: Single-wall
Door design: Single-wall, 4 mm door leaf
Door locking: One side
Locking bolt: 15 mm thick
Door hinges: Internal
Anchor holes: 4 x rear wall
Paint: Dark grey
Electronic lock, protruding 16 mm, batteries incorporated, mech. emergency opening lock with 2 keys
Holder for 21 keys
Side night deposit slot for keys
Scope of supply
Key case
2 x emergency key
4 x AA battery
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