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82130_Glutz Access Controller

82130 Controller B03 Basic

Glutz Access Controller

Controller B03 Basic
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Product profile
Flexible controller for controlling doors, lift, locks, letterboxes plus other devices:
- up to 10 outputs and 6 inputs
- designed for long life
Standard version
  • 185 x 126 x 30 mm
  • <br />12 - 24 V DC, typ. 6 W
  • DIN-rail or direct-mounting
  • 2x fingerprint, 3x code
  • 4x relays, 6x In, 6x Out
  • Ethernet
  • USB, I2C
  • access authorisation: two or four eye procedure
  • Logfile for movement and system data
  • List of user authorisations
  • Service functions: Network settings, software update via network, sensor test
Controller options: interfaces to alarm systems, balancing, lift control, control of letterbox systems
216144 desktop mains unit 12 V DC / 70 W
216610 mains unit (DIN top-hat rail) 24 V DC / 1,3 A
216608 mains unit (DIN top-hat rail) 12 V DC / 1,9 A
216706 top-hat rail set forcontroller mounting
214640 Glutz USB Kit: for data protection and distribution of user database to several controllers
215436 socket strip for 4 relays or4 In / Out (12 pole, black)
215443 socket strip for RS232/485 or 2 In / Out (6-pole, black)
215444 socket strip for Power Out (8-pole, orange)
215445 socket strip for Audio Out (8-pole, black)
215446 socket strip for Power In (6-pole, orange)


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