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18957 MINT E-Beschlag

Multipoint lock for E-fittings (lever handle operated)

Product profile
​For use in house and apartment entrance doors in difficult weather conditions or with a higher door seal pressure. Use exclusively in conjunction with E protection fittings with upwards and downwards lever handle movement. When the outside lever handle is moved upwards, the deadbolts are thrown and blocked. Subsequent activation of the E-fitting using the authorised medium blocks the lever handle.
The door is completely locked. The door is opened via identification on the E-fitting. Moving the lever handle downwards unlocks the lock.
Standard version
  • Mechanical multipoint locking device
  • Latch and deadbolt blocking
  • 4-part clamp follower; square 8/8.5/9 mm
  • Simple locking and unlocking using the lever handle with integrated latch and deadbolt blocking
  • Very simple securing/release via the E-fitting
  • Emergency opening via the cylinder (double throw) with latch withdrawal
  • Hardened main bolt; 25 mm throw
  • Two additional hardened bolts; 20 mm throw
  • Two additional hardened hookbolts; 24 mm throw
  • Dampened, reversible DIN L+R comfort latch
Important note
The cylinder screw is not centred in the forend. To determine the cylinder lengths: centre of forend = centre of lock cylinder.
Do not use a reduction sleeve for the Follower/square spindle.
Do not use a thumbturn cylinder. When using a standrad cylinder the key has to be drawn-off.


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