• TimeCode – Secure intervention solution

TimeCode – Secure intervention solution with no need for a key or badge

Glutz TimeCode – the secure, effi cient and low cost solution for many applications!

Glutz Access TimeCode for intervention (e.g. emergency services) permits access without a key, biometrics or a badge. The secure TimeCode can be generated easily using a web-based software and notified to the user by the preferred solution: telephone, SMS or e-mail. No need for network links or additional devices. The user enters the TimeCode at the access point which can be located anywhere in the world and receives his access entitlement. The TimeCode activation and validity can be parameterised at will. Advantages of the solution: a TimeCode is generated for each event and remains valid for a limited period of time. Time wasting because keys are missing is pre-vented as the TimeCode is generated whenever it is needed and can be transmitted to any desired location. For greater security, a full record of the occurrences is
kept, based on TimeCode generation and use.

The TimeCode is characterized by the following features:

Flexible function
  • Advance or event-linked TimeCode generation with a web-based TimeCode box
  • Configurable activation and validity windows and number access points
  • Length of the TimeCode can be chosen between 4 and 12 places
  • Combination of TimeCode with normal access control (PIN,RFID, Biometric)
  • Adaptation of the functions to suit the specific customer
High security
  • Time-limited TimeCodes
  • Indication of the security level (code length)
  • No gap in the recorded data
Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • No keys or passes needed
  • No data network needed


  • The occupant reports an emergency to the call centre by telephone or emergency call
  • The call centre generates the TimeCode and transmits it to the emergency service (e.g. by telephone or SMS)
  • The emergency service gains temporary access to the building and apartment with the TimeCode

Examples of use

  • Emergency intervention
  • House: single access for a tradesman, delivery service or in the event of key loss
  • Holiday homes: avoids the need for keys to be handed over in person
  • Collection compartment for pharmaaceuticals, keys etc

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