• Server rooms and data media archives

High-quality access control solutions for server rooms, data media archives, computer centers

Glutz biometry solutions offer user-friendly access and security at the highest level.

Server rooms, data media archives, computer centers and coordinating centers are rooms which are particularly at risk. The fundamental point being that in such locations, IT equipment and data is present in high concentrations and extraordinarily high levels of damage could be perpetrated through theft, deliberate destruction, fire and other hazards, which in extreme cases could lead to the partial paralysis of the business activities. These critical areas can be secured with Glutz Access Products.

The Glutz Biometry solution is characterized by thefollowing features:

Free choice
  • Safe personnel control through a combination of PIN and fingerprint, or contactless identifaction and fingerprint
  • Strict handling of access entitlements through time limitations client-specific sequences (e.g. for non-company personnel)
  • Functional seperation of e.g. organzization (respon sibility for security room access) and in-house service systems (responsibility for access to the building)
  • Visualization through access-protected, detailed logfile with movement and system data
  • Operating units with integrated sabotage protection, controller in secured area with volatile data storage (optional)
  • Possible integration of client-specific security functions

Glutz HZ-lock - multi-point locking – to be on the safe side

Multifunctional, user-friendly and proven thousands of times: the Glutz HZ-lock security door lock is at the steely heart of Glutz access systems.
Combined with the Glutz biometry the security door lock-HZ is ideal for obtaining a constantly high level of security.
  • Self-locking multi-point lock with tested antiburglary protection (with ES2 plate up to RC3 and with ES3 up to RC4)
  • Suitable for fire and smoke control doors
  • Emergency door and escape route function
  • Integrated control and monitoring contacts

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