Parcel box and letter systems

Comfort at the building door

Our parcel package system makes it possible to securely receive and send goods and packages directly from the building door via letter and parcel package systems. This is practical, because the recipient does not have to receive the package personally and delivery for collection is assured with a secure package system. No prior knowledge is required for operation and the system
is suitable for all parcel services. The system can be combined with the access control system for even greater comfort.

Easy to use and versatile

- Simple operation via direct selection buttons
- Safe storage of packages
- Removal via PIN code or RFID medium
- Sending of packages via logistics service providers
- Notification via email
- Administration online via any desired end device
- Remote opening / emergency opening


Select the optimum number of parcel compartments. Whether large or small, the dimensions of the system and parcel compartments are customised to your exact requirements

How it works

Parcel box
  1. The parcel or mail carrier delivers a parcel/ letters. The letters are placed in the locked mailbox as always.
  2. To deliver the parcel, the carrier rings the customer’s bell to see if they are home.
  3. If there is no response, the carrier selects the parcel recipient via the separate direct-selection button to make a secure parcel delivery
  4. The carrier selects the compartment size S, M, or XL as required.
  5. An empty compartment in the required size opens up. The carrier deposits the parcel and closes the compartment.
  6. The parcel recipient receives an automatically generated email informing them about their parcel.
  7. As an optional setting, the recipient can be notified once again if the compartment has not been emptied.
  8. The recipient confirms their identity at the parcel compartment system using a badge or number combination.
  9. All compartments (mailbox and/or parcel delivery box) which are programmed to be opened, will automatically open up.
  10. When the parcels and letters have been removed, all used compartments are closed.
  11. The recipient once again receives an email, this time informing them that the parcel has been collected.
  12. Should the recipient forget to close the compartments after they have collected their items, the facility manager will be notified by email that a compartment has not been properly closed.

How to send shipments from the parcel compartment

Simply press the ship button to generate a code that is communicated to the carrier. That way, you can take care of everything from the convenience of your home. Of course, the system can also be used to send something to a neighbour. You will discover the advantages in day-to-day use.

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