Panic function D

Glutz panic solution Function D – dependably opens every door for you in an emergency!

Personal safety has always been one of our society’s foremost needs: homes, workplaces and the various teaching and recreation establishments must be protected from intruders whilst at the same time allowing us freedom of access and exit from the building in any situation and at any time.

But in the event of a fire or a break-out of mass panic this is anything but safe. Buildings can be replaced but not human lives! In the event of a life threatening situation the facility to evacuate closed rooms in an organized manner has nothing to do with luck or a fast realization but with the installation of the right door components. It must always be possible for emergency exit and panic doors to be quickly opened in the escape direction and without aids via the door lever
handle or the panic bar.

The panic solution with Function D is characterized by the following features:

Compliance with EN 179
  • Lock with lever handle and knob
  • Persons accustomed to the location, who are familiar with the door functions: no panic situ ations anticipated
  • Application: rooms
Compliance with EN 1125
  • Inside: panic bar, outside: knob
  • Persons unaccustomed to the location, who are unfamiliar with the door functions: installation of a panic bar is necessary
  • Application: building with large groups of people: hospital or clinic, school or college, cinema, theatre, disco clubs, exhibition hall
Basic position
  • The door can only be opened from the outside by using the key (transmission function), but is always passable from the inside
Daytime position
  • If the bolt is not locked the door can also be activated and opened via the E-opener using Glutz Access operating units such as Biometric, Pin and RFID


  • Hospital or clinic
  • school
  • cinema
  • exhibition hall

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