Offshore door solutions defy wind and weather - drilling platforms, drilling ships, industrial tankers

Glutz Offshore solutions – not for sensitives!

The slowly diminishing stocks of natural resources, in particular oil and gas are enforcing the expansion of ocean exploration activities. Also in the sphere of research of the earth’s crust as well as its tectonics, the exploration of the sea floor is of increasing importance as it enables the forecasting and analyses of earthquakes. The ability to explore and transport raw materials
at an average depth of 4 000 to 5 000 metres demands an outlay on technical resources equal to that for the scientific research of the sea floor.

Offshore platforms are permanently exposed to enormously severe weather conditions: wind, rain, sun, saltwater, twister. Glutz door components withstand these natural forces – day after day, throughout the years.

Offshore door solutions are characterised by the following features:

  • Complete door unit tested according to the relevant standards by the marine door manufacturer
  • Developed and constantly optimised together with customers
  • Year long solution for rigorous everyday conditions: robust, maintenance free and dependable
Stainless steel lever handle 5064 Offshore
  • Special threaded lever guide for fixed bearing
  • 8 or 9 mm spindle execution,
  • radius 80 or 66 mm
Stainless steel backplate 7151 / 7150 Offshore
  • lLng life and extra narrow adapted special ceramic bearing, hight load carryying capacity fixed
  • Resistant to the most commonly used chemicals
  • Spindle dimensions 35 mm (7151) and 22 mm (7150)
Stainless steel panic bar 8610 Offshore
  • Door plates 70 mm wide, follower 9 mm (where required, also 8 mm)
  • Spring force adjusting mechanism for adapting the two panic levers
  • Accessories: Panic spindle 5920, 9 x 110 mm (or 170 mm)

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