• Office and hotel doors

Office and hotel doors

Glutz eAccess - ensures you can put your plans into action undisturbed!

The hectic everyday life at the office, concentrated research in the lab, time-intensive discussions, a wellearned vacation: be honest, do you appreciate constant unannounced disturbance.

eAccess public from Glutz offers you the ideal solution for keyless access to rooms in which you wish to work or to recuperate without disturbance. The access to the private sphere takes place via RFID medium and you experience no surprises. From the inside you can open the room at any time and without the medium and so also use it as an escape route.

The access solutions with eAccess are characterized by the following features:

Mechanical application
  • Only in combination with the lever handle set
  • Outside: knob is fixed to the escutcheon/rose, inside: lever handle fixed movable Glutz easyfix
  • On escutcheon/rose, generally only with turning knob cylinder (night-time locking)
Mechatronic application
  • Glutz eAccess public security-tested builders' hardware
  • Lever handles inside and outside
Panic function E
    • Card contactor for operating the lights for the hotel room application (Feller)

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