• HZ-lock with a switchable inside push button

Switch off for certain – HZ-lock with a switchable inside push button!

Glutz HZ-lock, a highly safe locking!

Customers come and go normal events of the day in a jeweler’s, a museum or hotel. What happens, however, at an unforeseeable incident? The rooms also must be in the position to be left if necessary unhindered. A standard scenario with HZ-lock - the inner doorknob remains coupled and leaving the room is possible any time.

The docking mutates out of the opening hours to a weak point, however. The tough resistance of the high safety lock may call burglars on the plan, to operate the inside push button by drilling through the door leaf or to smash the safety glass. Or for doorway free doors the opening is a children‘s game with a door handle hinge. The switchable inside push button function destroys all these intentions! This HZ-lock corresponds to the most current specifications of the resistance classes RC3 resp. RC4. The disengagement does not cover only drop but also outburst hindering as e.g. it is required for penal institutions or psychiatric facilities.

The HZ-lock with a switchable inside push button caracterize due to the following features:

Starting position (currentfree)
  • Normal condition: Outside lever handle idle, inner lever handle coupled
  • Optional electrical coupling to the remote control of the outside lever handle via an arbitrary identification system or via a keyboard
  • Activity of the inner lever handle opens the door mechanically - at any time
Variants of the switchable insider lever handles function
  • Undocking of the inside lever handle outside of business hours via manual switch, timer or simultaneous switch off of the supervision plant
  • Automatic uncoupling via sensors of a supervision installation (recognize of drillings or broken glass.)
Guarantee of the emergency exit function
  • One emergency or normal exit keyboard in a protected inside place interrupts the current supply for decoupling magnets. Cycle: Keyboard befor lever handle activity.
  • Mechanical docking of the inside and outside lever handles via security cylinder

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