Flush-fitting roses and plates are truly pleasing to the eye!

Flush-fitted roses by Glutz are also a delight to look at!

The dream of one’s own four walls – who doesn’t have it? Once the piggy bank is full, the plot has been bought and the architect instructed, it’s time to make difficult choices. A lot of effort goes into choosing the style of the building, the service installations, the kitchen, bathroom, floors, paint finishes as well as doors and windows. And this is probably the first time that one realises that the selected building style can be perfectly rounded off with something as mundane as door and window hardware.
The new flush-fitting plates and roses by Glutz represent a sophisticated extension of the existing range. Whether round or square, for doors or for windows, these elegant fittings merge seamlessly with the door leaf and can be combined with all Glutz door levers and bearing options. Really clever, our new beauties – and that, with the customary Swiss quality!

The flush-fitted roses and plates are characterized by the following features:

Can be fitted with the whole range of bearing options and with all door thicknesses
  • Recessed, semi-recessed or surface mounted
  • Glutz easyfix glide bearing tested for 1 million
  • cycles
Many options available
  • Roses round or square
  • Security roses, round or square
  • Long and short plates
Looks and advantages of flush installation
  • Elegance of flush-fitting hardware
  • Easy cleaning and hence improved hygiene
  • A drilling and routing template make installation on site easy

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