• Barrier-free building

Barrier-free building - Unaided and unrestricted door use

Glutz fitting systems for barrier-free building – for a convenient life style!

Freedom from barriers means more than just “fit for the elderly or handicapped persons”. More broadly, it is synonymous with a convenient life style for everyone. The first emphasis is admittedly on the special needs of persons with disabilities or the elderly; but
the fact is that all kinds of people, big and small, including children or persons with luggage, want freedom of movement and ease of operation. Often an inappropriate positioning or unsuitable shape of the controls, prevents unimpeded access to, and use of, a room.
Glutz fitting systems for barrier-free building – for a convenient life style! Barrier-free building - Unaided and unrestricted door use. Especially in homes for senior citizens and the handi-
capped, hospitals, paraplegic centres, social institutions, public transport businesses, banks, insurance companies and schools, doors present an obstacle. Sophisticated fixtures and fitting systems by Glutz provide the answer, enabling everyone to use the door unaided and with no restriction whatsoever, thanks to their design and engineering.

These fitting systems have the following distinctive features:

Door push for bathroom and WC doors
A specially designed olive-shaped fixture replaces inappropriate rotary knobs in barrier free WCs

Door push, e.g. for senior citizens homes, hospitals, public establishments
Extra-large door push reaches and lengths make for easier operation without requiring great effort with the hand or elbows

Door push for persons suffering from sensory and motor handicaps

The specially long shape angled downwards meets the need for low-level door pushes with a strong lever effect for wheelchair users

Further extracts from technical data sheet No. 011 Swiss Federation. Door branch (www.tueren.ch):

  • The form of the door fittings must be both ergonomic and convenient for use by handicapped persons. Door pushes with an angled end which prevent slipping or catching are well suited to this purpose.
  • Small handles and knobs are not permitted.
  • Recessed handles are not easy to grip, making the door harder to open and close

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