• Repair service

Repair service for locks and fittings

Getting locks back into shape
Your Glutz locks (excluding electric models) and antique locks are in good hands here: First we carefully analyse them. Then we repair them whenever possible and after consulting with you or they are replaced. When repairing locks, we clean them and replace defective parts before subjecting them to testing according to strict instructions. The lock is only returned to you once it has passed the necessary testing. The work is carried out by Glutz specialists and our partner company Blum.

Refreshing your fittings for doors, windows and furniture
Antique fittings for doors, window and furniture that are made of brass, bronze or iron are valuable. We would be happy to refresh them for you and make any necessary repairs. Of course, we always consult with you beforehand in order to determine the best and most reliable solution. If a repair or refreshing is no longer possible, we can also manufacture a reproduction of the traditional fittings.

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