Cast bronze - for unique objects

From family arms to works of art
We produce cast bronze sculptures, reliefs, wells and much more. We often commission renowned artists such as Markus Raetz, Hedwig Hayoz Häfeli, Stefan Pauli and others for artistic castings to create unique sculptures and moulds. We also produce door and furniture fittings and reliefs in the form of family arms. As an artist or private person, you simply send us your model that will be used as the basis for production of an artistic reproduction. One of our specialities is the production of cowbells.

Cast bronze and a meticulous finish
Casting bronze is an ancient process that we carry out according to ancient craftsmanship. Copper and tin alloy is heated in a crucible in the casting furnace. The alloy changes to a liquid state at a temperature of approximately 1000°C and is poured into the sand moulds at a temperature of approximately 1150°C. We often deliver the objects roughly finished as a rough cast. This gives artists the possibility of finishing the cast parts with the desired surface. We also provide surfaces with a brushed, blasted (for further processing), satin or bronzed finish. After the casting, the artistic pieces receive the final grind in our machine workshop: We carefully carve them with finesse to create the structure exactly according to your wishes.