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  • Manufacturing | Non-ferrous metal casting

Manufactory - old treasures redesigned

Historical buildings and antique furniture tell us compelling stories from the past. We want to preserve the authenticity of these objects: We reproduce and restore antique metal fittings in the highest quality with our unique know-how and historical accuracy. The radiating smiles of our customers and international respect are our greatest reward. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world!

The offering - timeless beauty from our in-house manufactory:

  • Antique quality fittings in iron and brass produced in our own workshop for doors, windows, furniture and interior construction as well as for renovation and new construction
  • Professionally restored original pieces from our stock models or restoration of your own locks and fittings
  • Single-unit production from A to Z
  • Custom production based on your drawings and plans or supplied samples
  • Arms, figures, cowbells

Our services – Largely possible thanks to state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Small series production and repairs of fittings and locks
  • 3-D scanning and plotting, laser cutting
  • Surface treatment such as powder coating, lacquering, burnishing, chasing and patination
Our enthusiasm means that we are not satisfied until every last detail is correct. Rest assured that we finish your jewels with the greatest commitment and 100% skilled craftsmanship.