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Provisions and measures of Glutz AG

The media report daily on the coronavirus and its impact on the global economy. Economists expect the consequences to be felt in Europe in the coming weeks. We would like to inform you about Glutz specific supply security, measures and possibilities for your participation. We would like to thank you in advance for your support as partners.

Procurement of raw materials, semi-finished products and electronic components
Production in China was suspended until mid-February. Our suppliers restarted production on Wednesday, February 19. 2020, following the approval of the Chinese authorities. For the time being, however, only half of the workforce is in operation. The situation will be challenging in the coming weeks due to bottlenecks in transport and customs clearance.

Price development and transport
Several airlines to and from China were suspended. This leads to considerable restrictions in passenger and freight traffic. The shortage of air freight in turn leads to bottlenecks and delays on the alternative land and sea routes. This may result in additional costs, e.g. for storage and transport. We will reassess the consequences for price development at the end of March 2020 and inform you accordingly.

Affected raw materials and semi-finished products of Glutz AG
In principle, all product groups i.e. locks, fittings and access systems, are affected. In the fittings sector, primarily investment casting blanks and semi-finished products in the stainless steel sector. In the lock sector, mainly investment casting and metal powder injection moulded parts (MIM). The security of supply of access components is heavily dependent on the availability of raw materials and electronic components.

Measures to maintain security of supply
Thanks to the procurement strategy of Glutz AG, we currently see ourselves in a good starting position. Local material stocks are high and the precautionary procurement ensures a good supply of raw materials, components and semi-finished products. In order to guarantee a good market supply for our partners and end customers, we have also recently ordered additional stocks to expand our warehouse.

Trade fair Fensterbau Frontale in Nuremberg
The trade fair Fensterbau Frontale is postponed. More information about Glutz at trade fairs can be found here. We will keep you informed on the latest developments regarding fairs.

We will kindly answer your questions at info-uk@glutz.com.