New eAccess Software Release 1.11

The eAccess desktop software release 1.11 offers an additional operating mode without a NET wireless stick as well as enhanced options for acquiring access media.

Network operation with the eAccess network option

With the optional eAccess network function, the eAccess wireless network can be set up via the NET gateway without a wireless stick and system card. Access points for other buildings in different locations can also be integrated into and managed across the network. The network operation offers advantages also in particular when combined with virtual server environments.

Acquiring media on eAccess identification devices
The access media can be newly acquired and assigned to authorized persons. For example, a new employee within step distance to the office door can acquire their G-Line clip together with authorizations at the eAccess fitting.

Acquiring media by entering media ID
Media such as the G-Line clip or cards can also be newly acquired with their media ID. Simply enter the ten-digit media number in the desktop software and acquire the appropriate medium. This means that the individual learning of the individual media on the NET wireless stick or identification devices is dispensed with.

The software release 1.11 is now available at no charge on our website; the eAccess network software can also be ordered on our website as an option with product number 86550.