• Bau 2017

Bau 2017 in Munich

Glutz presents access solutions - secure, comfortable and state-of-the-art

Glutz is appearing at Bau 2017 in Munich from 16 to 21 January as a provider of comprehensive solutions for doors.
We place special emphasis on security, comfort and consistency. Innovations and trends are reflected in our striking products and the latest access solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

Consistency and design
Many people with a passion for design want to equip all fittings inside their house with a single coordinated product line that covers all doors and windows. Glutz offers elegant, flat, nearly flushly mounted fittings with the Piatto series for very demanding design requirements. These Class 4 fittings have certified fire protection and are suitable for escape routes. The Merkur design line offers consistency - it provides uniformity in door, window and sliding door handles. Tradition should not be disregarded, either. In addition to our exclusive standard ranges, we produce customer door handles and window fittings in our inhouse manufactory with blacksmith’s shop and foundry. We would be glad to accommodate your individual penchant and can even equip antique fittings with electronic systems, if desired. That way, architects can remain true to the design and use state-of-the-art technology within a historical restoration.

Systematic locking
The eAccess wireless access system offers perfect security for barrier-free living and working. As an overall solution that can be scaled almost without limitation, it combines the advantages of offline and online components and adapts seamlessly to all requirements and structural conditions. The access system successfully asserts itself with more than a thousand possible wireless online access points per system and a plug-and-play design principle. Identification is possible with just one medium. Whether a biometric reader, code reader or chip is used, access takes place effortlessly and comfortably.

Access can also be granted when no one is home and, for example, a large piece of furniture should be delivered. With the Glutz app, remote opening or code generation can also take from far-away places. Temporary codes can also be generated for friends or bours when the home owner is away on holiday. The app can also be used to monitor the status of the door. Is the door open, closed or even locked? The Glutz app lets you know. Mailboxes, parcel box systems or the building lift can also be controlled with the chip.

Security in residential and commercial buildings
Glutz also provides the necessary security at home and at work. The MINT SV automatic multipoint lock performs this task reliably and automatically. An RFID access security fitting provides added burglary resistance. For elevated requirements, Glutz provides the new MINT SVM motorised automatic locks, which communicate all security-relevant statuses to a downstream access system or a burglar alarm system. MINT SV and MINT SVM are suitable for doors with a security class of up to RC3 and for panic applications (EN1125 and EN179). Both multipoint locks are available as a set with biometric finger scanner for private residences.

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